Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that I am often asked. The answers are as I was told by spirit. Accept them if they feel comfortable to you.

Q) What Are Guides?

A) Guides, sometimes called guardian angels, are friends who you knew before you were born. You asked them to look after you and help you to follow your life’s plan long before you were born. Whether you are aware or not makes no difference to their ability to assist you. When you sleep, you consult and discuss your current situation with them. You won't necessarily remember your conversations, but your subconscious will guide you. Those of us who are aware will be able to communicate with differing clarity and sometimes get clear answers to our queries. Others will instinctively know what to do. Those who work with spirit will know of some of their guides and when they are with them. There are two main ways of working with your guides: one where you have a doorkeeper who arranges for the appropriate guide to come forward when required, and another where the guides choose who is most suitable for the work you are doing at any given time. Either way is acceptable as long as you are comfortable with it. As your guides are committed to you before you are born, it stands to reason anyone who you have known on the earth plane cannot be a guide

Q) Do We Choose Our Children?

A) When a spirit decides it's time to experience life on the earth plane, they will discuss with friends in spirit the lessons they wish to learn. Once an agenda has been agreed, they will then look around for the people who will be in the right environment and culture for them to learn their lessons. Having found the right conditions, they will approach the prospective parents and discuss the timing. They will approach more than one couple in case things don't go as planned because of disease or accident. Once everything is in place and the egg is fertilised, they will then take partial possession. They will spend time with the mother and as the foetus grows, inhabit more and more frequently until the baby is formed enough to move. They will then take full possession and, once born, start their journey through life. In the first few years they will be aware of the spirit world more than the earth plane, but gradually the tables will turn and they will be less aware of spirit. That is why some children have imaginary friends.

Q) Do Children Grow up in Spirit?

A) When someone's child dies either in childbirth or while still young, they will always have an attachment to their parents and loved ones. Although when communicating they will come through as the child they were, they will still progress spiritually. If they didn't touch the earth, they will revert back to the spirit they were before they were conceived, but still wait for their loved ones and family to return safely to spirit.

Q) What Happens When We Are Approaching Death?

A) Usually, when someone is old or very ill, their loved ones gather round to acclimatise them, ready for their journey back to the world of spirit. Often, when an elderly person is on their way, they will talk of seeing relatives who have passed. Sometimes people think they are losing their minds, but in fact they are being visited by their loved ones. They're there to let them know they’re in safe hands and will be welcomed home when the time is right. When someone dies of an accident, their level of awareness will determine how long it takes them to communicate - some will take longer than others. If they are very aware, then they can come through on the same day or indeed within minutes of their passing. I have a friend who was in hospital and we knew he wasn't coming out. A couple of years previously, we had decided if he went first he would give me a saying that only he used. The evening he passed I received the saying just after he passed. The next day his wife told me what time he had died - it was 30 minutes prior to him communicating with me.

Q) Why Do Spirits Get Lost?

A) Spirits get lost for a number of reasons. Sometimes, if they die suddenly in an accident, they don't know they've died. Others are on strong medication or drugs and they're unaware of what's happened to them. There are those who believe when you die you go to sleep, so they do. There are others who don't believe there is anything after this life; imagine their surprise when they wake up and find there is more. Then there are others who expect to be met by their god, and when that doesn't happen they are confused and think they have to pay penance, so don't go to the light. Even if they wake up and find there is more, sometimes they are unaware of their loved ones or guides so don't realise they can go to the light. These are just a few of the possible reasons.

Q) What Happens When Someone Commits Suicide?

A) When someone commits suicide, for whatever reason, they will still have to deal with the problem in their own minds when they get to the other side. They will have help from loved ones and guides until they understand why they committed suicide. When they have come to terms with whatever the problem was, they will move on in their progression. Often when this happens, loved ones are hovering round trying to give the person upliftment and encouragement so they don't commit suicide. If all else fails, they are ready to receive the person and help. They do not judge or blame, and the person is always in the arms of their loved ones. They do not get lost or stuck in one place.