Meet My Team and I

My team is comprised of myself and my guides. along with Vanessa and her guides. We visit people who are being haunted to remove the troublesome spirits from their houses. We currently have a 95% success rate, and the feedback has been satisfying to say the least.

We have dealt with spirits who have thrown things at the occupiers of the houses, shaken beds, and one lady even had someone grab her leg as she got out of bed. Most of the lost souls are trying to attract attention because they need help, but there are others who are just plain nasty. But it doesn't matter; they all need help of some kind.

You may wonder why they need our help. Well, if a spirit dies suddenly, they don't always know what’s happened to them. They don't know where they are or how to get to heaven or the light. You see, they are unable to see anything except the earth plane, and they need someone to explain what has happened and show them the way. Everyone has guides, but those who are lost are not aware of them or their loved ones who have come to meet them. This is because spirits do not see with their eyes but use their senses, whereas the lost souls are still seeing with their physical eyes, and they can only see the earth plane.

We sit in a rescue circle once a week to help lost souls that our guides bring to us. The reason our guides need us is because, although they are able to take them to heaven, it takes a long time for them to be noticed by the lost souls, but it only takes minutes for us to be noticed. Although we may only talk to one person who is lost, our guides will bring others with similar conditions. When they hear what we are saying to the lost soul, they also understand their situation, and they will come to the light with us. We can help a lot of spirits at the same time, whereas our guides can only help the one they have managed to get through to us. That’s why rescue circles are so important.