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Review in Psychic World by Samantha V. Hutton

“A familiar name to many, medium Mike Williamson and his family used to live in Surrey, where they contributed to removing ghosts and poltergeists from peoples’ homes and other haunted places. Now living in Hampshire, he continues with this very important work. Not only this, for the past 30 years Mike has gained a respected reputation as a clairvoyant and, along the way, has taught many mediums how to realise their potential and how to use their gifts, which he still contributes to to the highest standards today.

Mike holds circles and tells us in his book: "I still run three circles: two development circles for clairvoyance and one rescue circle where I am teaching the sitters to rescue lost souls. We also clear houses, and I still do services at the local churches. Knowledge is useless unless you pass it on to others.

Working in the Realms of Spirit is an interesting read, following the experiences and teachings of Mike's knowledge as a clairvoyant. It begins with him and his family being tormented by evil spirits, and delves into the reasons why they were targeted by ghosts, which in this case was a vendetta against his wife from the world beyond. The book illustrates how their suffering was a long and painful journey, and how they conquered the evil spirits themselves, which flows to Mike's next journey of travelling to other haunted homes and helping the residents to live in peace. Working in the Realms of Spirit is rounded off with Mike's teaching on how to adapt to one's gift.

Mike explains his intentions for his book by telling his reader: "What has been written is how I was taught and some of my experiences. Take from it what you will, and put the rest to one side for future reference. Always question and never take the first answer; double check all that you hear and be prepared to answer questions if asked. If you don't know the answer then say so - don't pretend, find out for yourself."

One of the most gripping parts of Working in the Realms of Spirit, for me, was when Mike and Jan helped a young couple with their ghost problems: "One house we went to had already had a vicar go and splash holy water around and say a few prayers. That didn't work, so the couple had gone to their local spiritualist church for help. A 'medium' had visited, and when he got there, he asked for a bowl of water. He proceeded to take off his shoes and socks and stepped into the water. He then said a few prayers and informed the couple the spirits were gone. It's no wonder people think we are crackers sometimes when you get people like that wandering around. Anyway, we talked to the couple in the house, a young couple, and they explained about the noises and things that had been moved. We asked if I could check the house out and, upon walking round all the rooms, I could feel the unwelcome presence of bad spirits. When I sat down again, I was able to describe a lady that they had both seen one night. We explained how we work and then proceeded to bring the spirit through Jan. The lady was quite nasty and rude. Fortunately, Jan managed to stop her swearing and we placed her with her guides. When Jan came back, we explained what had been done to help her on her journey home. The couple said thank you and they thought we had finished. I said there will always be more than one to deal with and there are some children here too..."

Working in the Realms of Spirit is written almost in the style of a diary, as nearly all the stories are opened with a date. It is an appealing read with some very useful advice and deep knowledge of the subject of haunted properties throughout, which I'm sure will grab the attention of many.”

Review in Paradigm Shift by Medium Jane Stewart Adams

“Mike Williamson has been a clairvoyant medium for the last 30 years, only discovering his clairvoyant abilities in his thirties. In Working in the Realms of Spirit, he and his family found themselves renovating and living in a large farmhouse in Surrey full of unwelcome spiritual visitors. They aren't going to give in to the forces plaguing them and making their lives unpleasant, but first of all they have to understand them. Mike himself says: "As we couldn't find anyone to get rid of them for us, we had to learn how to do it ourselves".

They start their journey to understand the part they play on Earth as eternal beings by going to a number of unusual circles. Eventually Mike and his wife, Jan, who was also a medium, find the right circle and build up their protective power and understanding of the workings of spirit and healing abilities enough to become rescue mediums. Their task is to help 'lost souls' to go to the light and home. Always at their side are powerful spiritual guardians. The one who calls himself Richard teaches them everything they need to know about the universal laws governing the behaviour of spirits. It is mostly with Richard’s wise and loving assistance, coupled with extensive training, that Mike and Jan act as part of a spiritual police force that keeps the physical world safe from negative energies that want to cause mayhem in our realm. For years they have been acting on Richard's memorable advice when it comes to clearing: "when in doubt, chuck ‘em out!"

Mike is still fully engaged in the duties of a rescue medium, unmasking 'imposters' and ejecting any negative entities hanging around various properties, as well as teaching others to recognise and use their own budding clairvoyant abilities.

As a medium myself, I can honestly say that I have never heard of so many questions being asked and answered so clearly. Mike and Jan were very fortunate to have such 'transparent' spiritual guardians watching over them. I have learned a great deal from their painstaking accounts of the conversations they had with their guides and spiritual visitors, both good and bad.”