A Haunting in Worthing

I was asked to speak to a lady named Brenda, who lived in Worthing, as she was having problems with spirits during the night. I was given her number by her local spiritualist church who knew the type of work I do. When I asked her what sort of problems she was having, she told me about how for the past year she was awoken by her bed shaking, and someone would get into bed with her. As she lived alone, you can imagine how frightening this would be, but there was more. Brenda also said that, if she tried to get out of bed, a hand would grab her ankle and pull her back. I asked how she managed to stop these things happening, and she said she would turn the light on and there was no one there, but she could still feel the hand on her ankle, which only went after she had started screaming and kicking. Brenda was also being molested while she slept, and it was very upsetting for her. She asked if we could stop it. She said it was affecting her life. She was always tired and irritable and got angry very quickly because she was so tired. I said yes, we could, and arranged to go along to sort her nightmare out.

My colleague Pam and I went along at around 11 o’clock the next day, and as soon as we walked into Brenda's house, I could feel a horrible presence. We sat down and spoke about what was happening, and that's when Brenda told us she was also getting sudden pains on different parts of her body; never it seemed in the same place. One day it might be her stomach, which was hurting so much she thought it might be something serious. She had been to the doctor to see what was wrong. She had also been to see the doctor about pains in her legs and back and severe migraines, but no cause could be found. There were things disappearing and sometimes loud noises around the house. While Brenda was speaking, there was a sudden crash from the next room. When we investigated the cause of the noise, there was nothing out of order, and the room was empty, apart from a strong presence of hatred which both Pam and I sensed.

Brenda was visibly upset, and after we had calmed her down, we then explained what we were going to do, and how things worked. Pam was going to go into a light trance, which meant she was going to allow the spirits to talk using her voice, and I was going to talk to the spirit and sort out their situation. When we were finished, there would be no spirits left in the house to cause her any more disturbance. Brenda asked if there was anything she had to do, I said “no, just listen, and you will hear what they have to say.”

I was aware of a man standing watching us; he was about 5ft 10in with dark hair that came down to his collar. He had a thin face with a pointed nose, was unshaven, and aged about 50. When I described him, Brenda said that was the face that kept appearing when she was trying to sleep. She said she had never seen him before all this started to happen, and didn't know who he was, but he could have lived in the house before and died there. I said that was extremely unlikely, but we would bring him through and have a talk with him. Brenda asked if he would attack her again while we were there, I said no, we had him under control and there was nothing to be frightened of.

I asked Pam to bring him through, and when he came through, I said, “what do you think you are doing here?” He replied, “it's none of your business and I do what I like”. I said it would have to stop as he was upsetting Brenda and we would not allow him to continue with his nasty games. He said, “you can't stop me. It's nothing to do with you”. I said we had the authority we needed as Brenda had asked for our help, and that's all we needed to sort things out for her. I asked him his name, he said, “none of your business”. I told him his name was Ted and his wife Rosie was still waiting for him. He was a bit surprised, and asked how I knew his name or anything about him. I said, “we work closely with our guides, and they keep us informed of what we need to know”. I asked him why he was upsetting Brenda, he said he was bored and she seemed lonely, and he was only trying to keep her company. I said, “don't you think she would find her own company if that's what she wanted? You can't impose your will on people just because it suits you. Do you know where you are?” He said, “not really. I know I died. I was wandering around in the dark for ages until I saw this house. It looked warm and inviting, so I came and stayed”. I said, “where do people go when they die?” He replied, “I thought there was nothing else, so you can imagine my surprise when I woke up and found I was still here”. I said “where do people go when they die? What have you heard?”. He replied, “I was never religious, but they talk about heaven and hell. I suppose because I've being doing bad things to the lady I will go to hell now”. “No”, I said, “you can go to heaven if you want. Everyone is entitled to go there no matter what they've done. It's not for us to judge you. You'll judge yourself and usually you'll want to make amends for the wrongs you may have done”. He said, “does that mean you can send me to heaven?” “No”, I said, “we will take you so you don't get lost again, and we will take you to meet Rosie if you want”. He started crying, there were tears pouring down Pam’s face and I thought we had better hurry because it would start getting a bit too uncomfortable for her, what with the emotions being so intense, so I said, “we will go now to heaven and meet your wife”. Ted said, “yes please, and I'm so sorry for upsetting the lady. Please forgive me”. We took him to heaven where he met his wife. They both thanked us and then we left them there.

Pam opened her eyes and took out a tissue to dry her face. She said, “it’s a good job I've got waterproof mascara on - that was so emotional”. I looked at Brenda and she was emotional as well. She offered us a cup of tea while things calmed down and then thanked us for what we had done. I told her there were more spirits to sort out, so after having a drink, I checked around for the next one.

The name and location have been changed as this clearance was only done at the beginning of December, 2011.