A Practised Medium and Published Author

A Book about Mediumship

Years of experience has given me an extensive knowledge of mediumship, but knowledge is useless if it is not passed on. Through my book, I help others learn how to develop their gift.

The Truth About Possession

Spiritual possession is a subject that is often ignored by the medical profession. As a medium, I aim to promote discussion and create an understanding of its importance.

My Book

Dealing with Spiritual Beings

Unexplained phenomena is tricky to discuss without looking at the history of the human race. I explore a range of religions in my latest book, with the aim of finding a spiritual connection.

Glowing Reviews of My Book

My book has proved to be very popular with inquisitive minds and mediums alike. A number of pieces have been written reviewing my book, including two that were published in magazines.

Published in Magazines

My Talented Team of Mediums

To provide the best end results for our clients, and the spirits who haunt them, I have put together a strong team. We work closely together to maintain our 100% success rate.

A Previous House Haunting

One of our most emotional and revealing hauntings happened in Worthing in 2011. This is a true account of a brave woman who had been plagued and harassed by a spirit for an entire year.

About Mike Williamson

With a vast understanding of mediumship and an insight into the world of spirit, I help those experiencing hauntings. I’m Mike Williamson, a medium and author with more than 35 years of experience. During this time, I have developed an extensive knowledge of the other realm, and I use this to remove unwanted spirits from the homes of my clients. Alongside my work as a medium, I have also written a book about mediumship, called Working in the Realms of Spirit, and teach people how to develop and use their gift.